Specialists in the procurement,
finance and distribution of
cobalt metal.

About Us

Darton Commodities has a unique role within the cobalt industry being a wholly independent specialist in the procurement, financing, marketing and distribution of cobalt metal.

We are the exclusive distribution channel for Ambatovy cobalt products in Europe and India and an industry recognised authority in cobalt market research and analysis.

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What we do


Darton Commodities Ltd. is a full service cobalt metal provider. We can offer cobalt metal grades in accordance with specific customer quality requirements, together with full distribution, finance, consignment and hedging services.

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Darton Commodities Ltd. is an exclusive distribution channel for Ambatovy cobalt metal. Ambatovy is a vertically integrated nickel and cobalt mining, processing and refining project located in Madagascar. It is the world’s largest lateritic nickel project in operation today.

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In addition to cobalt, Darton Commodities Ltd. has a number of other high purity metal products in its portfolio; Molybdenum metal and oxide, nickel briquettes and powder, chrome, rhenium and ruthenium.

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Market Research

Darton Commodities Ltd. is able to provide customized research and consultancy services according to specific information requirements.

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