Darton Commodities Limited

Darton Commodities at a glance

  • A unique, leading specialist supplier of cobalt metal products.
  • A dedicated team with extensive expertise in the procurement, finance, marketing and distribution of metals.
  • Exclusive distributor of Ambatovy cobalt products in Europe and India.
  • An industry authority in cobalt market research and analysis.
  • Founder member of the Cobalt REACH 'Blue' Consortium.
  • Active member of the CDI, LME (category V) and the MMTA.

About Darton Commodities

Darton Commodities was established in October 2000 by Guy Darby and Roy Walton who have a combined experience of over 50 years in the supply, finance and movement of Ferro alloys, base metals and minor metals.

For twelve years Darton Commodities acted as distribution channel in Europe for the sales of electrolytic cobalt metal cathodes produced by Chambishi Metals PLC of Zambia. In 2012 Darton Commodities signed a multi-year distribution agreement with Dynatec Madagascar to exclusively market Ambatovy brand cobalt products into the European and Indian markets.

Ambatovy is the largest Joint-Venture enterprise in Madagascar's history and is positioned to be among the world's largest lateritic nickel mining operations. With a project life span of some 30 years, Ambatovy is a fully integrated mining and refining operation and will have annual capacity to produce 60,000 tonnes of LME grade Nickel, 5,600 tonnes of refined cobalt and 210,000 tonnes of ammonium sulphate fertilizer.

Together with Ambatovy, Darton Commodities can offer you a creative way to manage your cobalt requirements whether it be in the form of a long-term contract with a variety of risk control mechanisms or simply fixed price supply contracts.

Other pure metals handled by Darton Commodities for the superalloy sector are Nickel powder, Nickel briquettes, Rhenium and Ruthenium.