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Darton’s annual Cobalt Market Review is recognised within the cobalt industry as THE leading cobalt research paper. Compiled through first hand and in-depth market intelligence it provides the reader with a detailed up-to-date overview of the various supply and demand factors which shape the global cobalt market today.

Because our business is cobalt, not only do we have unparalleled access to global production data and export/ import statistics but also to the more challenging consumption data and trends. The Market Review is produced exclusively for the benefit of Darton’s business partners but can be made available to other industry participants. To request more information about Darton’s 2020-2021 Cobalt Market Review please contact Andries Gerbens at +44 1483 579825 or send an email to dcltrading@dartoncommodities.co.uk.

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For more information or to purchase your access key please contact: dcltrading@dartoncommodities.co.uk


Darton Commodities Ltd. is able to provide customised research and consultancy services according to specific information requirements

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